Looking for possible new home for 2 adult tangs


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Hello to whom it concerns,
I have a Red Sea (135g) tank. I have 2 tangs that I think are getting to big for the tank. The Sailfin Tang is a few years olds, while the the Blue Hippo Tang is around 15 years old. See photos attached. The Blue Hippo Tang suffered HLLE around his face a couple years back after a copper treatment for ick. Since then it has not progressed, but hasn't gotten better either, but he is a VERY healthy, lively tang! It pains me to give them both up, but lately, the Blue Hippo Tang is splashing the top fo the tank a lot, perhaps showing his frustration for the size and available swim room. If I could find both tangs a good home, I'm looking for an experience reef keeper with a min of 200-300 gallon tank so that "big blue" can continue thriving. I also have some coral that are growing well and I'm about to do a complete rehab of that tank, so it would prob be a good time once I have everything out of the tank to catch the 2 tangs. I'm not asking for money for these guys, it's just really really important I'm assured they get a top notch tank to swim in. I've reached out to a friend of mine that does water quality control at the Shed and she said unfortunately they can't take the fish, but she was asking around with some fellow employees that are reefers. Feel free to email to get more info. I'm not in a major hurry, but figure I would reach out and see what the interest level is. Your more than welcome to also stop by and see them in person if you want to see behavior, size and feeding. Thanks. [email protected]