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My new skimmer has arrived and it is a sight to behold. I have been researching this skimmer and it's larger sisters for over a year and I decided to bite the bullet and eat bread and water for a year to afford it. I'm really excited to see how it performs and to experience just how quiet it is. My existing skimmer is quiet but the Nyos skimmers are supposed to be silent.

Enjoy the insta-mat-tacs below.



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This weekend I took the time to break down my tank COMPLETELY! I repainted the back and reorganized all the wires. After a full day of vinegar running through the tubing, I rinsed and refilled the tank. I'm glad I did it...but I don't want to EVER do this again. UGH! I also installed lighting in the cabinet and am quite pleased with how it all turned out.

The skimmer is dead silent and there was no breakin period. It started cleaning the water within a few minutes and the water finally cleared up. For the first time, I dismantled the Ecotech Vectra M1 return pump and I was shocked to see that it was still pristine. There was nothing in the impeller, which was unlike any impeller I have ever seen. Ecotech really thought out that design.

I'm trying my best to hold off on buying more coral this soon. I muse be strong.



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I've definitely been eyeing the Ecotech returns...glad to see such a positive review on it from ya :) Tank is going to be great​!!