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I feel a carpool coming soon! [MENTION=24]DJE[/MENTION] and [MENTION=139]MMreef[/MENTION] are definitely due for a road trip.


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So a few weeks ago I had a failure on my calcium reactor CO2 regulator and basically bleached my reef. That wasn't good. 95% loss on sps. 30% loss on LPS. Chalice corals are tough as nails. [MENTION=5]jayjigga[/MENTION] keeps hooking me up with frags to keep me excited about the hobby and it worked. I finally moved a bunch of sticks from my frag system into the main. A couple of the pieces he gave me were worth getting out the macro and avast tube. No more calc reactor for me for the time being. I'm going back to basics.
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At least it hasn't been 4 months yet. Hopefully we can get an update before the 4 month mark. You and [MENTION=5]jayjigga[/MENTION] are slacking

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Happy to hear you stuck (Unlike I did when my tank went down hill the last time) with it after the calculm reactor issue