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  1. jayjigga

    Reef-A-Palooza Chicago

    What an event!! The raffles were insane. Tons of great livestock and product to learn about and buy. Show us what you got. What would you like to see different next year.
  2. jayjigga

    Welcome IVRC Members!!

    Hey All. Welcome to a place where we can relax and enjoy our hobby without worrying too much about losing our posts. Maybe Ike won't get banned from here like he is on RC ;) Enjoy your time and invite your friends. Please show off your tanks!
  3. jayjigga

    2017 Aquatic Experience Chicago!!

    Who's excited!? I know Gary is!! Anyone else going?! What are we looking for? Tell me!!!!!!!! I'm needy and seek attention :becky:
  4. jayjigga

    2016 - Aquatic Experience Chicago

    Hey All, I'm sure there's a few who missed out on a pretty fun show, so I figured I post a few things from my camera. Here's our booth and fearless leader Herbie: We had a saw there for anyone wanting to maybe split a piece with a friend. It drew a decent crowd. Always...
  5. jayjigga

    Jay's Deep Blue 80G Rimless SPS Dream

    Hey All! I was planning to put up a 60G Deep Blue frag tank, so I had a stand built for it. I was planning to utilize as much space underneath so I didn't want to make it out of wood. A friend of mine works with metal, so he made me a great steel stand. I would have loved to get it powder...
  6. jayjigga

    Jayjigga's Dream Tank - 120G (4x2x2) - Slowest build ever...

    So I guess I could have started this build 9 months ago when I had the tank and stand put in the corner of my living room, but then I would have to deal with 9 months of you wonderful people asking for updates and not being able to give you chit... So fast forward to March 2014, I finally got...